About Busted Cubicle

Busted Cubicle exists to help people navigate an ever-changing professional landscape. It was started by Jocelyn Blore, a remote worker who traveled the world for five years in search of systems and ideas beyond the ones she took for granted growing up in the U.S.

It’s a destination for nontraditional workers—including entrepreneurs, working parents, and telecommuters—and offers guides for skill-building, advanced education, MBA alternatives, online careers, jobs in nature, resources for people seeking workplace flexibility, and advocacy surrounding issues affecting modern wage-earners.

Please contact us with any comments or suggestions for content. Thank you for being so interested.


Douglas Mark - Writer

While a partner in a San Francisco marketing and design firm, for over 20 years Douglas Mark wrote online and print content for the world’s biggest brands, including United Airlines, Union Bank, Ziff Davis, Sebastiani and AT&T. Since his first magazine article appeared in MacUser in 1995, he’s also written on finance and graduate business education in addition to mobile online devices, apps, and technology. Doug graduated in the top one percent of his class with a business administration degree from the University of Illinois and studied computer science at Stanford University.

Jocelyn Blore - Founder

Jocelyn is the chief content officer of Sechel Ventures and co-author of the Women Breaking Barriers series. She graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley and traveled the world for five years as a teacher and freelance writer. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and has lived in England (six months), Japan (2.5 years), Brazil (six months), Argentina (ten months), and Southeast Asia (nine months). Paying thought to her international experience, she’s interested in how culture shapes the idea of human progress within societies—one of the many themes she writes about in her blog, Blore’s Razor (Instagram: @bloresrazor).

Barry Franklin - Co-Founder - Sechel Ventures

Before co-founding Sechel Ventures Partners LLC, Barry was a VP at a Silicon Valley software company. Now living the Busted Cubicle life working from home, Barry is married with two beautiful daughters. Barry and his wife met while attending Carnegie Mellon University, a hub of innovation.

Seth Restaino - Co-Founder - Sechel Ventures

Seth Restaino co-founded a web design and development company in 1996, the predecessor to Sechel Ventures, and sold it in 2004. He devoted the next several years of his professional career to educational web publishing and software consulting, and happily busted out of his cubicle in 2013, when he co-founded Sechel Ventures, where he wears many hats including production and engineering.

Aimee Hosler - Writer

Aimee Hosler is a long-time journalist specializing in education and technology. She is an advocate for experiential learning among all ages and serves as the director of communications for a non-profit community makerspace. She holds a degree in journalism from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

April Joseph - Writer

April Joseph is a poet from East L.A., California, who creates mixed media performance art by joining movement and music to mourning songs. April earned her MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University, and her BA in Literatures of the World from UCSD. Explore more of her writing fragments and poetics on Bodyful Space.

Becca Brewer - Writer

Becca Brewer holds a master's of education (MEd) in human sexuality education. She loves to read, write, cycle, travel, take photos, connect with people she loves, and tell stories that unite. Currently exploring a nomadic life built on volunteerism, deep connection, learning through difference, and leading with love, Becca is attempting to use everything she’s learned about human thriving to live her best life in service of the greater good. Check out her unfolding life’s work in photos on Instagram (@BeccaBPhotos).

Joe Butler - Writer

Joe Butler is an accomplished writer and editor in the Northwest with more than 20 years of experience publishing in newspapers, magazines, and specialty websites. He graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in mass communications and has worked with a variety of clients nationwide. Joe lives near Spokane, WA, where he writes, reads, and collects spoons as well as the cheapest, plastic snow-globes he can find.

Maggie O'Neill - Writer

After graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in English, Maggie O'Neill followed the call to move across the country to the land of open-space and awe-inspiring views and vistas. She settled in Northern Nevada, where she pursued a career in journalism, writing for several newspapers and covering beats as varied as education, crime, and the outdoors. She launched her own business, RenoFreelancerLLC, in 2014. When she isn't busy writing, researching, and interviewing, she is having fun with her two girls and the menagerie of animals that now comprise their home.

Matt Zbrog - Writer

Matt Zbrog is a writer and freelancer who has been living abroad since 2016. His nonfiction has been published by Euromaidan Press, Cirrus Gallery, and Our Thursday. Both his writing and his experience abroad are shaped by seeking out alternative lifestyles and counterculture movements, especially in developing nations. You can follow his travels through Eastern Europe and Central Asia on Instagram at @weirdviewmirror. He’s recently finished his second novel, and is in no hurry to publish it.