Become The Boss

Coming up with an idea for a new company is easy. There are countless products to be made, services to be provided, processes to be made more efficient, and problems to be solved. And it turns out that Americans are particularly likely to perceive favorable circumstances for starting new businesses. In fact, Babson College found that 57 percent of Americans recognize opportunities around them to become entrepreneurs, whereas 41 percent of citizens in other “innovation-driven economies” do. The difficult part, of course, is bringing an idea to life.

How do emerging companies secure funding? What are the most favorable growing towns for startups? How does one build a pitch deck? What are some alternatives to pursuing an MBA? And what are the best college programs for prospective entrepreneurs?

These guides tackle some of the most common challenges for aspiring business-owners.

Entrepreneurship Guides

A DIY Guide to Business Fundamentals

Entrepreneurs and the one-third of U.S. adults who work in online marketplaces may find that a slightly different interpretation of "business fundamentals" can help them much more than the traditional presentation taught in the core curriculum at business schools.

Awesome Cities for Entrepreneurs: A Spotlight on St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL remains a place where good ideas are encouraged to flourish thanks to a variety of business organizations that take great effort to stimulate growth, invite creativity, and connect different pieces of the business equation to encourage success.

Supporting Startups: University Centers for Entrepreneurship

As demand for entrepreneurship grows, so does the need for guidance for budding entrepreneurs. Many universities have noted this trend and established centers dedicated to entrepreneurship that provide a strong community, educational activities, and networking opportunities to startup founders.

Awesome Towns for Entrepreneurs: Spotlight on Knoxville, TN

Knoxville, TN focuses on cultivating independent businesses, from coffee shops to tech startups. It has several business incubators and research endeavors, and has been listed high on several national rankings for conditions friendly to economic development.

Awesome Cities for Entrepreneurs: A Spotlight on Asheville, NC

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, NC has a long-held (and well-earned) reputation as a must-see destination. Business is booming in the city, which has become as much a go-to haven for startups as it is for wayfaring tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Terrific Towns for Entrepreneurs: A Spotlight on Bend, OR

Bend has become a hotspot for young entrepreneurs seeking mentorship, investors, and a knowledgeable workforce. Unlike the Silicon Valley, however, Bend is a relatively small city that is replete with outdoor adventures and short on traffic crunches.

Top Ten American Towns for Artisans in 2018

To be included on this list, towns needed to have an abundance of art galleries, at least one museum, and an organization (e.g., council, committee, etc.) actively working to support the arts.


An Entrepreneur’s Primer on Business Jargon

Entrepreneurship is an exciting way to take control of one’s destiny and bring novel products or processes to customers in need. Just like any professional arena, the world of entrepreneurship comes with its unique language.

On-campus and Online Degrees For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have always been known for their innovation and gumption, but a good idea and a dollop of confidence isn’t the recipe for success it once was. The business world today is so ingrained in technology, finance, and marketing that one needs to be well-educated in several vital areas to carry a concept into a product and business.

Learn to Speak VC: How to Sell a Company to Investors

Startups are by definition untested, which makes them risky investments. To be successful, you have to show potential investors—venture capitalists, angel investors, and any other source of funding--that your idea is worth the risk.

How to Build a Pitch Deck

Pitch decks are like new words: once you learn about them, they are everywhere. Some prospective startup leaders or innovators have never heard of these simple presentations, and yet they are virtually required for getting your project or business off the ground.