Rutger Bregman, a precocious historian and author of bestselling book Utopia for Realists, shared a memorable anecdote about automation: several decades ago, Henry Ford’s grandson gave Walter Reuther, the president of the United Automobile Workers, a tour of Ford’s new automated facilities. In jest, Ford asked Reuther, “Walter, how will you get these robots to pay your union dues?” The union leader replied, “Henry, how will you get these robots to buy your cars?”

Busted Cubicle focuses on issues that affect American workers, including the industries disrupted by automation; careers on the rise for the iGen (i.e., the post-Millennial generation); and the varied forces transforming the U.S. employment landscape.

A Telecommuter's Guide to the Galaxy: Ukraine

Politics may make the international headlines, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting they exist once entering Ukraine. Modern cafes, exotic restaurants, and a thriving expat culture could have you drawing comparisons to Krakow, Prague, and Berlin.

A Telecommuter's Guide to the Galaxy: Bali

Bali may well be the world capital for telecommuters now. It’s easy to understand why: when you can do your job from anywhere, why not pick an island paradise?

Work/Life: What Makes a Job Meaningful and Why It's Important

Welcome to our new series, Work/Life, which aims to shine a light on the psychology of work and its influence on the workplace and the future of work. Nine out of ten employees are willing to earn less for greater meaning at work—but what makes a job meaningful? And how can we create more meaningful jobs?

View From Beyond the Cubicle: Limitless Cofounder Becca Brewer

My new life was the complete antithesis of my previous one. It started on the path of surrender and non-striving. Instead of aggressively creating and chasing goals, I spent 18 months listening to my own instincts, surrendering to myself and the world around me, and allowing signs on my path to guide my way forward.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact of Automation on Agriculture

Experts project that we will need 70 percent more food than is consumed today by 2050. We need an agricultural revolution if we hope to sustain our staggering numbers, and automation might just be the ticket.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact of Automation on Journalism

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing how we do everything, from manufacturing cars to diagnosing disease. While it is relatively easy to envision robots in a factory, do they have a role in more creative fields, like journalism? Yes—to a certain extent. Here’s how.

View From Beyond the Cubicle: Matt Zbrog in Eastern Europe

Situated between Russia, Iran, and Turkey, the Western-leaning country of Georgia could be called the hip part of a rough neighborhood. Beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, wine, and a temperate climate—this was once known as the California of the USSR.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact of Automation on Education

Thanks to advancements in learning technology, institutional collaboration, and smart devices, AI in the classroom is expected to grow by 47.5 percent between 2017 and 2021. It is difficult to predict to what extent AI will affect students’ day-to-day experiences, but based on the technology already at work, experts suggest it could notably improve educational accessibility, equity, and outcomes.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact of Automation on Finance

Much of workplace automation of today is the kind that improves workplace efficiency, helps serve customers and clients better, and completes routine tasks, freeing humans up for more complex work. For instance, some banks are using bots—or sets of smaller programs that have specific functions—to scan loan documents, spot inconsistencies in numbers or formatting, and automatically correct them.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact of Automation on Healthcare

The rapid evolution of healthcare AI is not only very real, but dramatic. Let’s look at how the technology is shaping global healthcare for practitioners and patients.

Founder’s Blog, Chapter 1: Why “Busted Cubicle?”

Busted Cubicle is designed for people who want to work non-traditionally—whether it’s through telecommuting, starting one’s own company, pursuing a career outdoors, or negotiating for a more flexible arrangement with a current boss.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact of Automation on Transportation

Self-driving vehicles promise a major disruption in how we go about our daily lives. Autonomous vehicles offer several benefits, but for the millions of workers who might be displaced by them, they are a threat.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact of Automation on Programming

For some programmers, the inevitability of automation can be worrisome—and perhaps not unjustifiably. Currently, machine learning is rapidly improving to the point where machines are outperforming humans on routine, repetitive tasks such as coding.

Industry Disrupted: The Impact Of Automation On Legal Services

Many legal experts believe there are too many human factors that even the smartest AI can’t duplicate. This includes being able to adapt to the changing conditions of a case; to decide which case or client needs more priority at any given point in time; or to come up with the most persuasive arguments in the courtroom.