Entertainment: A Guide to Work From Home Careers

Having a successful career in entertainment no longer means having to live in California near a movie studio. However, that is no longer the case as the industry shifts and work from home (WFH) opportunities are becoming more prevalent. The number of employees working from home has been steadily increasing with over 49 percent of employees doing some work at home each year.

Entertainment jobs are already heavily computer-based and employers are becoming more flexible in transforming these roles into work from home positions. Talented professionals in video, writing, design, marketing, and sales can support the entertainment industry through content creation, sales, and strategy without ever having to set foot in an office. Working from home saves both employers and employees money and can contribute to a better sense of work/life balance.

Here are five work from home careers for those looking to work in the entertainment industry.

Become a Writer

Writers are the backbone of the entertainment industry, whether they are reporters, script writers, or content creators. Television shows, magazines, film, news outlets, and public relations companies all rely heavily on writers to produce content that will garner them more viewers, readers, or clicks.

Generally, writers are required to have some level of expertise in the field they are writing. They are expected to have impeccable grammar, creativity, and meet deadlines. Writers in the entertainment industry can be employed by a publishing house, film studio, or website as independent contractors.

Education Requirements

While a degree is not required for a career as a writer, most full-time professional writers have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in either English, journalism, or communications. Many universities also offer master’s programs (e.g., MS, MFA) in writing for those seeking more training or specialization such as creative writing, investigative journalism, or digital communications.

Sample Online Program

Online Bachelor of Arts in Communications – California State University Bakersfield

This online bachelor’s program prepares aspiring writers for fulfilling careers as journalists, copywriters, bloggers, or even public relations professionals. Students who have already completed at least 60 credits of undergraduate coursework can transfer into this program to complete their bachelor’s degree. Coursework includes classes in technical writing, media law, public relations, and feature writing.

Salary & Career Outlook

With the entertainment and media market in flux, there is a steady shift in writing jobs. More jobs are being created in online publications with an increased demand for diverse writers who not only produce outstanding content but also have multimedia experience. However, traditional writing jobs in newspapers, periodical publications, and print books have been steadily declining.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2019), writers and authors earn a median annual salary of $62,170.

Remote Employer Spotlight: Vox Media

Vox Media is a titan in the entertainment and news industry. Including publishing content on their site Vox, they also manage notable online and offline publications such as New York Magazine, The Strategist, and SB Nation. They employ a large team of remote writers covering everything for the LA Clippers to travel to current news.

Become a Graphic Designer

All aspects of the entertainment industry and media utilize graphic designers. Talented digital artists produce online advertisements, movie posters, music album covers, video game packaging, and even websites. Graphic designers are usually supervised by an art director and are responsible for creating the digital assets a company promotes. Often, graphic designers are required to use their creativity to produce eye-catching work within specifications.

Education Requirements

As this is a technical job, most professional graphic designers have completed a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field. Artists or creatives who wish to enter the field take courses to complete the necessary technical training. Courses and experience in writing, marketing, and business can help a student stand out in the competitive workplace. While in school, students should assemble a portfolio of their work as this is often required for job applications.

Sample Online Program

Online Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design – Bellevue University

Students who pursue their bachelor of arts in graphic design at Bellevue University not only receive theoretical and practical training but also are educated in the latest marketing, business, communication, and advertising trends. Courses also cover topics such as color choice influences messaging, design solutions for varied audiences, and how to use diverse mediums to convey an idea. This well-rounded online program affords students the flexibility to complete their program at their own pace while receiving instruction from top tier faculty.

Salary & Career Outlook

Much like with writers, there is a shift in demand for graphic designers. Job growth is expected to be 3 percent from 2018 to 2028, as positions in print media decline. However, new opportunities are emerging in online and digital mediums. Professionals in this field earn a median annual salary of $50,370 (BLS 2019).

Remote Employer Spotlight: POPSUGAR

As a global media company, POPSUGAR reaches over 300 million readers every month across its many platforms. Not only are they an online fashion, beauty, and entertainment media outlet, but they also have quarterly curated subscription boxes and a fashion line.

As a highly visual company, they have numerous positions (many of them remote) for graphic design creatives from digital asset coordinators to creative design interns to visual designers.

Become a Marketing Specialist

Magazines, fashion, movies, television shows, and video games all rely on marketing to reach their desired audiences. Marketing specialists work in teams to develop strategic ways to reach target consumers. They also work to implement these plans through various communication methods, including email campaigns, radio commercials, print advertisements, television publicity, and others.

Education Requirements

Marketing specialists generally have completed a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, journalism, or a related field. Students should pursue internships while completing their undergraduate degree as this will help them stand out to potential employers. Professionals aspiring to more senior roles or management positions would benefit from completing an MBA.

Sample Online Program

Online Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing – Arizona State University

This completely online bachelor’s of science in marketing is one of the best in the nation as Arizona State University is ranked number two in the nation for best online bachelor programs by US News & World Report (2019). Students learn how businesses can leverage marketing principles to achieve growth and meet key metrics.

Salary & Career Outlook

Job growth for marketing specialist is expected to be 8 to 20 percent per year between 2018 and 2028, depending on the specialization, according to the BLS (2019). Professionals in the field can expect to earn a median annual salary of $63,230.

Remote Employer Spotlight: Webaholics

Remote marketing specialist jobs are often found in public relations, advertising, or web companies that service the entertainment industry. Webaholics improves the online presence of businesses including fashion brands, production companies, and professional athletes.

Become a Video Editor

For movies, television shows, news stories, or fashion clips to really stand out, there is a considerable amount of editing at play. Editing happens not only for content and storyline, but also for color correction or adding effects. Work from home video editor jobs are available at all levels of the entertainment industry.

Education Requirements

Video editing takes advanced technical skills in specialized software. While there are certifications that can be completed, most employers look for at least a bachelor’s degree in video editing, film, cinematography, or broadcasting. Students should assemble a portfolio while completing their degree as most employers ask to see completed work as part of the interview process. Eventually, most editors specialize in one kind of software but at the start of a career it is wise to be familiar with several different ones.

Sample Online Program

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Media Arts – University of Montana

Aspiring film editors will find the online bachelor’s of arts in media arts to be a strong choice. This program focuses not only on the technical aspects required to be successful in the workplace but also the creative and more nuanced skills that will make a student stand out. Students are required to take courses in photoshop, film editing, sound design, web technologies, and technical literacy. There is also required coursework in coding, which helps prepare students for ever evolving workplaces.

Salary & Career Outlook

Careers in video editing are booming thanks to the increase in demand for online streamed video content. Jobs are expected to grow 14 percent between 2018 and 2028, according to the BLS (2019). Professionals in this field can expect to earn a median annual salary of $58,990.

Remote Employer Spotlight: Walt Disney Television

Walt Disney Television encompasses many brands including NBC, Fox, and National Geographic. All of their media networks and movie studios employ video editors to turn ordinary shots into riveting viewing experiences. Often editing needs to be done overnight or last minute and for that purpose and they have a staff of remote freelance overnight “crash editors” who work under tight deadlines to produce quality content.

Become a Sales Executive

Much of the revenue for businesses in the entertainment industry comes from advertising sales. From traditional advertising such as print ads or radio spots to product placement in television shows or movies, they all must be sold to companies wishing to reach their target market. Sales executives make this happen. They are skilled networkers who can spot opportunities and create mutually beneficial relationships between advertisers and their media company.

Education Requirements

There are no education requirements for sales executives. Most have at least graduated high school but this is a job that can be done with little or no college education. However, larger media companies or other entertainment businesses may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or advertising.

Sample Online Program

Online Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing – Indiana State University

Completing the online bachelor’s in science in marketing at Indiana State University can prepare students for careers in retail management, marketing, and sales. Aspiring sales executives will find courses such as business-to-business sales and buyer behavior to jump start their careers. Students also learn marketing techniques and best practices for management preparing them for upward mobility in their career.

Salary & Career Outlook

Increasingly, advertising sales are concentrated on digital media such as online videos, search engine ads, or emails. While this field is growing, there is a lot of attrition traditional media sales such as print advertising. This is causing job growth for this career to negative, according to the BLS (2019). Professionals in this field earn a median annual salary of $51,740.

Remote Employer Spotlight: Beasley Media

Beasley Media has 64 radio stations and over 20 million weekly listeners over the air and online. They are in 15 different markets across the US and have developed creative advertising solutions for on-air, online, mobile, and social that benefit both the advertiser and the consumer. They hire numerous remote account executives to develop and sell advertising and marketing campaigns across their markets. These jobs require travel but allow flexibility and independence.

Find a Remote Job in Entertainment

As the number of employees seeking flexible work from home options increases, the entertainment industry is following the trend. Jobs outside of the office in TV, magazines, and print can be found on websites that emphasize flexible workplaces such as Flexjobs.com and Remote.co.

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