Work From Home in Texas (TX): A Guide to Telecommuting in the Lone Star State

Those looking for employment in the Lone Star State will find that the opportunities for remote work are as large as Texas. lists more than 8,000 remote positions linked to Texas-based companies. lists over 6,000 telecommuting opportunities. LinkedIn also offers remote job seekers more than 8,000 opportunities to work for Texas-based companies. In addition to the vast number of offerings, 50 of the Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Texas, providing opportunities for those looking to work at the nation’s most profitable companies.

While living in Texas isn’t required to work remotely for Texas-based companies, the work could prove to be a stepping stone to living there and basking in some of the benefits of Texas life. Texas is one of the seven states in the U.S. that doesn’t charge income tax, which means that take-home pay in the Lone Star State may be higher than for comparable jobs in other states.

In addition, Texas is the 14th-most affordable state in the country, with particular savings on groceries, housing, transportation, and health. Full of deserts, mountains, forest, ranchland, and 360 miles of beachy coastline, Texas also provides beauty and recreation in abundance.

Telecommuters looking to cash in on everything that Texas has to offer will find that there are many industries in which to find employment. Keep reading to learn about the industries and examples of companies offering remote working opportunities in the Lone Star State

Administrative Positions

Administrative-minded employees take joy from doing the behind-the-scenes work that keeps companies and organizations running smoothly. While many administrative positions require a person to be on-site, tasks like appointment setting, collections, and assistantships all give an administratively-inclined worker the opportunity to work from home.

In Texas, the following employers are offering admins the ability to telecommute: Reminder Media (San Antonio), Your Business Solutions (The Woodlands), Conifer Health Solutions (Frisco), Alta Billing, LLC (Dallas), AMC Publishing, LLC (Austin), and Canopy Management LLC (Austin).

Computer and IT

Future employees seeking to serve companies through their capacity for implementing computer security, database administration, networking, SQL, systems administration, and technical support can definitely find work in Texas-headquartered companies.

Opportunities are wide-reaching including those in merchant services, marketing agencies, social media companies, cloud-based solutions, mortgage companies, product development, data collection, and more. MagRabbit (Austin), Set Solutions (Dallas), DVMElit, (Texas City), iFLY Holdings (Austin), Netessentials (Wichita Falls), and Boss Fight Entertainment (Austin) are amongst the many Texas-based companies that are searching for computer and IT professionals and allow for remote work.

Customer Service

Customer service positions are the foundation upon which company loyalty is founded. With many of these positions open to entry-level job seekers, those with good people, listening, and communication skills can find many opportunities to break into online work in Texas. Because customer service is required in nearly every industry, telecommuters looking to throw their hat in the customer service ring will find opportunities in tech, healthcare, religious organizations, finance, B2B, direct sales, and more.

Companies in the Lone Star State looking for remote help with customer service include Digistore 24 (Austin), Apple (Austin), PracticeSuite (Dallas), Mirantis (Austin), Group O (Roanoke), and Systems & Methods Inc (San Antonio).

Education and Training

Even before the covid pandemic, many companies and schools were embracing the possibilities that come with moving learning and training to digital spaces. With the pandemic, teaching through online modalities has the possibility of becoming an intrinsic part of the way western learners expand their minds. In Texas, there are employment openings for those who wish to teach remotely at the post-secondary level, with K-12 aged students, self-designed online courses, as tutors, or as trainers within a company.

The University of Houston (Houston), Milan Institutes (Austin), TEEX (College Station), Splendid Tutoring (Leon Valley), American Health Connection Inc. (San Antonio), and UBQFIT (Dallas) all offer remote opportunities for those who wish to engage in the important work of education and training.

Language Interpretation and Translation Services

In an increasingly global world defined by markets expanding into global spaces, multilingualism is a phenomenal way to break into the world of remote work through translation, interpretation, or language consultancy. While there are markets for language-based services for any of the more than 7,000 languages spoken across the planet, those in high demand include English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Bengali, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese.

U.S. Courts, Southern District of Texas (Brownsville), the County of El Paso (El Paso), Crown Bioscience (Houston), Crest Language Services LLC (Rhode Island), MasterWord Services (Houston), and MMC (Edinburg) all offer telecommuting opportunities for those with the capacity to translate between English and other languages.

Graphic and Web Design

A clean and professional online and in-person presence is tantamount to success in many industries. As a result, those who have the skills to design beautiful graphics and/or websites will find their skills in high demand in Texas—especially with Austin’s growth as a national tech hub.

Companies willing to hire graphic and web designers on a remote basis include Vandelay Education (Cedar Park), Empower One (Dallas-Forth Worth), Rebel & Co. (Austin), Esperanza Peace and Justice Center (San Antonio), Z Gallerie (Austin), Other World Computing (Austin), and Recruit Rooster (Austin).

Medical and Healthcare

With telehealth on the rise as a way to protect those on the front line and in the back office, those looking to help people find wellness and healing from home will find plenty of opportunities in Texas. Case managers, medical providers, therapists, health administrators, tele-imagers, lab technologists, billers, coders, and researchers all have options in Texas if they wish to work from home.

Flourish Mental Health (Houston), MMJ Evaluations (Houston), Parallon (Bedford), Change Healthcare (Texas City), The Baylor College of Medicine Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy (Houston), and Wise Health System (Decatur) all offer remote job opportunities in this field.


Those that have a way with words, persuasion, and want to help companies get the word out on their products, services, processes, or technologies can find remote positions in Texas regardless of skill level.

Those looking to become a marketing director, associate, representative, analyst, coordinator, coach, consultant, or specialist, have options in Texas-based companies like Wealth United (Fort Worth), (Houston), The Seena Magowitz Foundation (Houston), The Borgen Project (Austin), Epsilon (Irving), and the Houston Ballet (Houston).

Mortgages and Real Estate

With shelter in place becoming the new normal for many people in the U.S., where people shelter is on the minds of many. With movement based on introspection, wanting new places to work from home, needing to downsize, or wanting to follow long-held dreams living in a certain geographic location, professionals who work in real estate and with mortgages will be needed.

Those looking to break into the Texan market can do so by finding remote work with companies including MTG Services, LLC (Dallas), Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (Carrollton), Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing (Dallas), Keller Williams Realty (Houston), Accent Real Estate (Longview), and Guapa Homes (Dallas-Forth Worth).

Project Management

With a world gone remote in response to the pandemic, those who can coordinate the efforts of people spread across distance to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and within the realm of expectation are in demand. In texas, remote project managers can find opportunities in finance, healthcare, data, media, government, wellness, community management, and more.

Companies in the Lone Star state offering telecommuting options for project managers include MROsupply (Houston), Patra Corporation (Houston), American Health Connection, Inc. (San Antonio), Children’s Health (Plano), Revionics (Austin), and The TaskUs (San Antonio).


Outside of tech-based jobs, sales offers those looking for the freedom of remote work the most opportunity in Texas. Telecommuting employees who have a blend of relationship-building skills, interpersonal communication skills, capacity for technical understanding, and the ability to demonstrate why a product, service, or technology is worthwhile will find a grand abundance of opportunity in Texas.

US Locating and Legal Service (Dallas-Fort Worth), Sigora Solar (Austin), LADA (San Antonio), Liberty Mutual Insurance (Georgetown), La Casa del Aguacate LLC (McAllen),and L3 Resources (Houston) are examples of the companies looking to add remote salespeople to their teams.

Software Development

For those with skills in .NET, iOS, Java, Android, PHP, Python, QA Testing, and Ruby on Rails, software development is a huge industry that offers workers opportunities to work partially or completely from their home office. Within the software development umbrella, future telecommuting employees can find work in computer software, media, app development, healthcare, journalism, finance, B2B companies, and more.

Software developing telecommuters can find remote work opportunities in Texas with companies like Dell Technologies (Round Rock), Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (Plano), Vertex One (Richardson), Working Solutions (Dallas), Accruent (Austin), and Conifer Health Solutions (Dallas).

Writing and Editing

While each human, company, product, or service has a story, the capacity to bring that story to life in a way that can be ingested and understood requires the skills that writers and editors bring to the table. Texas offers telecommute opportunities to writers, bloggers, editors, copywriters, grant writers, technical writers, and content writers, and SEO specialists.

Those who seek the freedom to work from home based on their skill with the written work can seek jobs from companies like Junebug Weddings (Austin), The Pen Is Mightier Content Creators, LLC (Austin), Formulyst (Houston), Low Oxalate Kitchen (Austin), The Texas DMV (Austin), and Molina Healthcare (Irving).

Becca Brewer, MEd
Becca Brewer, MEd

Becca Brewer is building a better future on a thriving earth by healing herself into wholeness, divesting from separation, and walking the path of the loving heart. Previously to her journey as an adventurer for a just, meaningful, and regenerative world, Becca was a formally trained sexuality educator with a master of education.

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